The Whole story of the Third Episode of a house of cards season 6

The Whole story of the Third Episode of a house of cards season 6


                             Third Episode

In the First scene of this episode, President Claire and Judge Abruzzo (Ron Canada) are talking about the most serious matter. President asked him that How much money for which Shepherds bought him for helping them in all matters. Suddenly, Mark Usher, Vice President come and say to President, “Secretary Durant Waiting for you”. President Claire told Mark about the illness of Bill Shepherd but he does not agree with her. Then, President is asking from him about his connections with Shepherd Family.

In the next scene, Annette is speaking with her husband Bill Shepherd. They were both talking about Claire and her husband Francis Underwood. Then, Seth Grayson comes and tell them about the arrival of lawyers.

In a further scene, Cathy comes to meet to Claire because Vice President said her that Madam President wants to meet her in person. They both Discuss a job which someone offers to Cathy as well as about Francis Underwood, Late President.

Next scene is about a conversation between Claire and Doug Stamper in Claire’s car. They

was talking about  Shepherd Family and she offers an opportunity to work for her.

Next scene is about a conversation between Doug Stamper and one another man. They were just talking about Late President Francis as well as Claire, Present time’s President.

In the further scene of this episode, a TV channel’s Senior staff member  Tom  Hammerschmidt (Boris Mcgiver)comes into his office with full anger and another lady employee Dayna(Dayna Beilenson) is trying to calm down him. Tom was telling to Dayna with to anxiety about changed contents of one record which was related to Francis  Underwood’s Death.D uring this, one another employee starts to record this incident’s video in his phone.

Next scene, there was a conversation between Doug Stamper and Nathan. Nathan gives him a metadata microchip into which Francis’s data is stored and only Francis’s laptop can access this data. Nathan suggests accessing this data by using it through Francis’s laptop and speaks him that it is not easy.

Further, Duncan Shepherd comes to meet with Tom Hammerschmidt in personal. Duncan just wants to buy secret documents of  Francis Underwood but Tom disobeys him.

Next, Claire and Jane (Patricia Clarkson)were talking about spoils in Syria country. Jane suggests her to work for rebuilding and peace of  Syria. Madam President tells her that she needs the counseling of Jane. So, Jane has to move to White House.

After it, in the next scene, Tom Hammerschmidt and Doug meet. Doug talks him about a truth is that whole last year in the White House. then, Tom asked her that did you and Claire  Underwood make a deal? Doug answered that President and he are on different paths and that is it. Doug continued that he is working for a congressman cole and that congressman is making a play for a speaker.

Next scene is about a phone conversation between  Mark Usher and Bill Shepherd. Firstly  Bill speaks to Mark about his brother George who had made trouble his family. Bill’s father gave all his property to Bill and Bill’s brother accused him of this. Then, Doctor comes into a room of Bill Shepherd; Mark cut communication which was going on between Bill and Mark.  A doctor examines Bill’s body.

Next scene is about a phone conversation between  Doug and Claire. Doug tells her about his meeting with Tom Hammerschmidt and US  Attorney. He also tells her that It is too risky to do find the truth behind Francis’s death. Claire suggests him to find the best way for this work.

After this scene, Claire and Jane were having their foods and talking about Shepherds whose were working to exploit some important contents such as Cathy Durant(Jayne  Atkinson).

Then, Claire speaks to Nathan to keep his eyes on Doug’s state of mind.

Next, Claire and Mark were both sitting in the theatre room of White House. Mark suggests her to nominate Abruzzo and go away. Claire speaks to the theatre operator to start the film.

Further, Some persons of authority catch to Cathy Durant and let her in a car.

Then, Claire and Jane again  were talking about Duncan Shepherd.Suddenly, Annette  Shepherd come to talk to Claire and Jane go away.Claire offers to Annette to work with her  without a middleman, even without interference of Mark Usher. Claire tells her something  about her son Duncan Shepherd. After it, Annette go outside Claire’s office. Then, White  House’s Press Secretary, Kelsey come and  gives a smart tab to Claire for seeing something  special.It was a video clip which was filmed by a waitress who worked for Shepherd  Freedom Foundation. Then, Claire asks her about Tom Yates.

After it, someone informs to Claire about death of Cathy Durant.Then, she tells about this  matter to Doug via phone. During this, Nathan was evasdroping this conversation of both   Claire and Doug by sitting in a car.

In next scene, Claire was doing her jogging with some other people of authority and then,  Mark comes in  car.He tells her for having a word in private.He shows her  a dead body in  car.

The whole  story of Second Episode HOUSE OF CARDS Season 6

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The Whole story of the Third Episode of a house of cards season 6 The Whole story of the Third Episode of a house of cards season 6 The Whole story of the Third Episode of a house of cards season 6 



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