The Whole story of the Fourth episode of House of cards Season 6

The Whole story of the Fourth episode of House of cards Season 6

          The Whole story of the Fourth episode of House of cards Season 6

                                         House Of Cards

                                                                 Fourth Episode

In the first scene of this episode, all persons whose were related with Cathy were praying to Almighty in church on Cathy Durant’s death. Each man of authority came on this occasion including Madam President and President Petrov(Lars Mikkelsen). When prayer was finished, Mark goes to White House with Claire Underwood in her car. In Claire’s car, they were both talking about President  Petrov,  a relative of Cathy.

Further, many people in a hall. There, Claire meets with Cathy’s brother Hunter and she is giving condolence to Hunter. After this, she meets with  President Petrov.T hen, Mark and Jane were talking about one matter, Siegerson comes and tell them that there are more than 10,000 troopers on the Russian border. Jane shows her worries about this matter. President Claire was talking with someone, suddenly a woman comes to talk to her. This lady is who tells some secrets of President Petrov such as about President Petrov’s secret meeting with Syria. Claire shows trust in her and tells her that Mark will handle this matter.

In the next scene, Claire was talking with Kelsey about tracing investigation for Tom Yates. Investigation Agency tells Claire that Someone has stolen Tom’s credit card and Agency could not find Tom yet now. Kelsey feels worried about Tom.

Further, Mark was talking with Petrov and suggested to Petrov for resettlement of Syrian people.

In the next scene, Nathan comes into a room for talking with Madam President. He speaks her about Cathy’s death because Claire had ordered him to find whole information about Cathy’s death such as how did she die? Nathan tells her that he could not find anything.

Next scene is about a conversation between Mark and Mr. Greyson. They were discussing Bill Shepherd for letting him in nominations.

Further, Linda meets with Doug and talks him about just general things.

After this scene, Mark and Jane were both talking on a topic. This topic was related with President Petrov. Jane tells to Mark that Petrov has plans to expand the naval base to the port of Tartus. Jane suggests him to talk with Petrov but Mark says no for this.

Next, Linda meets with Madam President Claire and talks her about a

A mistake which was done by her own self. She apologizes for this mistake. This mistake was overlooking Fraa NCIS for secretary of state. Claire says her that there is no need to apologize for this.

In the next scene, Jane promises to Claire to chip away at the Shepherd Family. But, Claire was still thinking about Cathy’s death.

Next, Mark, Petrov, Claire , Seth and two other ladies were all discussing as well as dealing about Ports but President Petrov wanted Russian exclusivity on all offshore oil and gas exploration. Claire and Mark disagreed for this. Then Petrov goes away.

Next, Doug came to Claire’s room. Claire said to him that don’t say anything to US Attorney because she works with Shepherds. She offers him for working with her honestly.

Further, Mark tells Jane about Bill and Annette Shepherd. Then, Congressman comes and talks a little bit with both Mark and Jane.

In the next scene, Seth Greyson was telling everything to someone via phone about dealing with President Petrov.

Next scene is about a conversation between Vice President Mark and  White House’s Press Secretary Kelsey Steward. Mark asked from Kelsey about her relationship with Tom Yates.

In the next scene, Claire invited President Petrov into her bedroom to make a secret deal with him. She speaks him that we have to need to do everything with peace in origins.

Next, Doug come to talk to Seth in another room but Seth was doing something with phone and he was not hearing whatever Doug was telling. Seth warns to Doug that he is not in White House anymore. Then, Seth went away.

In the next scene, Mark speaks to Claire about Kelsey’s affair with Tom Yates. Mark call this A White House Affair.

After it, Jane Davis and President Petrov were debating on a very serious topic which was related to  Jane’s Agencies as well as about negotiation. Jane calls to Petrova a pig means untrustable person.

Further, Claire and Doug were both condolences to Cathy’s brother Hunter (Johan Ellison Conlee) who was crying. Claire says to Hunter that let sorrow of Cathy’s death out.

Next, Petrov tells Claire that he has accepted all her deals. Claire says him that Petrov’s government is behind Tom Yates whatever happened to him. After this conversation, Petrov went outside from that place.

Kelsey comes to talk with Claire about wandering rumor related to her affair with Tom Yates. Kelsey says that If Claire wants, she will resign from a job. But Claire says that there is no need for her resignation and she can continue the job.

Eventually, Claire says her last words of this episode. These words are:-

“To weather slings and arrows of 30 years of service

and not lose a fraction of one’s signature grit and integrity,

that’s, not a  legacy,

that’s the miracle ;

But Cathine Durant was not just a Secretary of state,

She was a sister “.

Surprisingly, the last scene of this episode shows that Cathy is alive. She was in a room where there is not proper lighting. She talks to someone on her phone. After completing her talk, she put her phone in the water in order to spoil it.

The Whole story of the Fourth episode of House of cards Season 6

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The Whole story of the Fourth episode of House of cards Season 6 The Whole story of the Fourth episode of House of cards Season 6 The Who story of the Fourth episode of House of cards Season 6 


The Whole story of the Fourth episode of House of cards Season 6

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