The whole  story of Second Episode HOUSE OF CARDS Season 6

The whole  story of Second Episode HOUSE OF CARDS Season 6

       The whole  story of Second Episode HOUSE OF CARDS Season 6


In this season of House Of Cards, All lovers of this web series are missing their favorite actor Kevin Spacey.

          Second  Episode

In the first scene, Claire Underwood, President of America, speaks with Governor Roger Olmstead(Lee Sellars) about an accident of chemical spill at Pentagon in America.

Then, quickly Governor calls to Vice-President Mark Usher and informs her about this matter.

In the next scene, Claire takes the whole responsibility of the safety of Bellport’s families whose were impacted so much by chemical accident.

In a further scene, Kelsey Stewart(Kristen Sieh), Deputy Press  Secretary having a meeting with TV reporters about government declares the state of emergency. Then, suddenly Vice-President comes and start facing questions of TV reporters at their own because he has not allowed to Kelsey to deal with these Questions.

After hearing about this terrible accident, Claire wants to go on a tour to this disaster area.  Then, She goes there in a car with four members of the authority. During this, Claire order to stop a car at one place near a house. She enters to that home and discovering everything. Quickly, she memorizes her own childhood memory. In this memory, Her mother, Elizabeth, was shouting as well as scolding her about an attack on a little boy with a big bamboo stick. Her mother said, “she is raising a daughter or an animal and she feels shame on her as well?”

After it, she comes out of her childhood memory to the present time. The four men of authority come whose are with Claire, suggests her to go back to the car.

Next, Claire goes to Shepherd Freedom Foundation and there she meets with her oldest friend Annette Shepherd. Then, the promises to affected people for helping them in all aspects of their lives. Claire makes sure to them about an investigation of chemical spill accident.

Next scene comes related to a conversation between  Dr. Rosen and Doug Stamper. Dr. Rosen was just trying to gain some useful information from him. Suddenly, Doug asked a question from Doctor, “Who is eviler the taskmaster or the tasked?” but Doctor gives no reply.

After it, Doug goes outside the office of Dr. Rosen and calls to US Attorney; said to her about a case of prosecution relating to Claire Underwood. Doug tells her that this case will change her whole life.

In the next scene, Claire is inside the White House. Mark Usher debates with President Claire about a bill which was signed by  Francis Underwood and his friend. In this matter, Vice President offers help to Claire on this agreement because he knows very well that how to talk to Shepherds.

Further, Mark goes to a room where Kelsey was doing his work. Mark apologize to  Kelsey for his mistake during the press conference as well as give some prescription to do work efficiently.

Next scene, Claire go for attending a dinner party where she meets with Annette as well as Duncan Shepherd(Cody Fern).  Then, a scene comes about a conversation between Claire and Annette about  Francis Underwood, Late President.

Dr. Rosen informs to Madam President about a phone talk of  Doug Stamper and District Attorney.

Furthermore, When Doug come back to his own house, there President Claire was waiting for him inside Doug’s home. they both talk about a secret matter and then, Claire returns back to the White House.

Finally, the last scene comes, Here at the moment, Claire Underwood  speak some words and these are:

“Somebody killed Francis and yet they don’t want to die. Someone killed him to shut me up”.

After this, Claire comes her office and sign on that agreement which was the focusing point of this whole episode.

The whole  story of Second Episode HOUSE OF CARDS Season 6  The whole  story of Second Episode HOUSE OF CARDS Season 6  The whole  story of Second Episode HOUSE OF CARDS Season 6

The whole story of the first episode of House of Cards season-6

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The whole  story of Second Episode HOUSE OF CARDS Season 6

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