House of cards star Michael Kelly on Kevin Spacey’s Exit (Exclusive)

House of cards star Michael Kelly on Kevin Spacey’s Exit (Exclusive)

The new season will be coming in this season. Five Season of “House of Cards” had already launched.  Kevin Spacey was the main character in ‘House of cards.’ before half years. the Netflix political potboiler that helped put the streaming service on the map when it launched half a decade ago. The team of the house of cards is now in production in Maryland on the 6th and final season- without the Emmy nominated actor at the top of the daily schedule of filming for a television show.

In “House of cards” in manufacture in Maryland on the 6th and final season. After a declare of a sexual strike and mistreatment with him Netflix social media corrects capital first manufacturers then publish after publish that serving with him.  when manufacturing  started in the month of January the new calligraphy  elements Robin Wrights Claire covered proceeds  the center stage in the president office a near side of  Michael Kelly’s chief of staff  Doug Stamper Diane lane and Greg Kinnear also together with the cast,  a near side of  Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson, Constance Zimmer Derek Cecil Campbell Scott and Boris McGiver.  All staff members involved in all activities related to season 6 of “House of Cards. Kelly’s notable for the performance. “Before retirement, Kelly’s Here, Who has been recommended 3 times role talk for the first time about “House of Cards,” He said, he could not come back to work in a company getting to the end of the show.


How is production going? Last season ended with Robin Wright Installed as the new

President which I would imagine sets the stage for the new season.

Robin is so blinking master in the season of “House of Cards”. I don’t want to say hurtless because she works her an off but the way she portrays that character it.  The work of the party was out for a long time. When everything went fall. It is very different kinds of like.

“How do we do it?”

“How do we return it going?”

Thank you, God  She was the president at the close of last season.  We might have established personally doing good looking imperfectly. But all work is successive. You work with Robin and now the two of us have a lot of jointly where everything before was with Francis. Now everything is with Claire and it has been a really interesting time to have learned from Kevin and all the time to kept from Robin. Its just like as an actor. The greatest acting classes for the last six years., , You can not ask for everything more than that to learn under those two people.

What have you learned?

We learn more useful characters and life-related to ourselves.  I have that it doesn’t have to be so attacked hard I have always been shove myself really hard and it’s not that I try any low, it’s that I don’t make myself psychologically go through the things that I used to go through which was just torment. It was senseless suffering and it was added to the force of work. I saw how the two of them did their work, and you can’t help but to learn and take from what they’re doing. So I still do the same prep work. It’s just the mental prep that I do with myself on set is a little bit different now. I believe that also comes with knowing and learning about a character over these six years.  It’s an amalgamation of both, doubtless. It was insensible suffering added to the force of work.

Is it going to be hard to say goodbye to stamper?

Just to say goodbye to that chapter of your life, it will be tough. To say, Good speed, to that feature will be very strong.  I can not even picture of Robin and I both asked to be the last scene on the last day because we wish to be there with our team, But  Now that I  have asked them, I am somewhat worried at the same time. I know it’s going to so hard work not just failure and cry. My son, He is six now.  He was born when we started that show and I have watched all the teams have babies, and they are my second family. My wife and my kids stay in New York,  and I come back and 4th to Baltimore, and I keep an apartment there.   I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll know what it’s going to be like until it actually happens.  Yes, It is going to be hard to say good speed to the stamper. because  All members are hard work at the time of performance.

What was it like coming back to the set after the news broke about Kevin Spacey?

It is the variety of attitude because  I was with the man of honor every day. The majority of my work apart from the Rachel stuff, most of my stuff was with Kevin. Go back to the same short time to the same sets, slightly adjust with a new oval obviously, but to go back to those sets and all of unexpected be with totally different people it was a strange feeling.  I don’t know How to put it into more words for Kevin Spacey. Because you know one object for so long and then all of an unexpected. It is a totally different word you are living in. A million Feelings that I went across that I processed throughout this whole thing. I don’t want to talk too much regarding it because it was heart-rending in so many ways to set the work.  It was like to the set after the news broke regarding the Kevin Spacey.  Kevin Spacey was coming back after broke the news. then he is comfortable on the team of “House of cards.” It such a mixture of attitude for every single day and a single man.

Do you still talk to him? 

No, I think I am not talking to him it is very difficult for me.  I hear all talk of you. I don’t know it’s tough But I know all like I have not any.  You go from talking to some frequently to not at all, and in any profession, in anything situation removed what situation happened removed, It is unusual and I am still processing. I haven’t prepared a judgment and I haven’t talked openly about it. This is the first thing I have ever said that I think  I am still going through a lot processing the whole thing. It’s tough. It is more difficult for all.

What does the future hold? What are the next steps to be taken?

How do we as a country as a people assess what’s correct for everybody, for the safety and well being of all people no matter what you are no matter what your sexiness is no matter what your race is? I think sometimes you have to take steps backward before you take steps ahead. I can’t speak for the full country, but with this current administration. It’s like we are seeing that good will increase to the top, that the right will happen. Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for a little bit before the right thing happens. The youth proved with the marches after the shooting in Florida, the Youth of this country I truly believe is going to save us. The old mentality of that whole “make America Great Again” thing that was offensive to me. This is the greatest country in the world. and to say we’re going to make it great again is what you’re saying, “Make the 1950’s great again?” Because that wasn’t special for all of us.

Well, it was for old white men.

I believe what the youth is saying in this country correctly. We necessary someone who can address all of us and control all of us. I am an old white gentleman. It was fine for me. But not for the whole country.  It’s a type of why I want to throw my hat in the ring politically, but I am not done action yet.  At that time, the youth is saying that a contract is correct for the whole country.  But Old white gentleman is not well this contract or not for the whole country. Only need for modern generation.

Would you extremely do that? Are you going to go into politics?


Yes, I would extremely do that I am going to politics. I do spend time on the mountain.  I waiting room for seniors.  I do a lot of work in the country for seniors.  I have met with Republicans leader every time I go fall and I see is that people’s hearts.   Then I see Correct now in the company is that  Republicans and leaders, voters and senators and congressmen and women is that they’re just voting their party line. Sure, the leaders might take the House in 2018 and they might grip everything spends in 2020, But then what? Are the Republicans than just time going to say no to everything that they put onward? When is this cycle going to on close? I respect to all seniors all the time.  I do all work for the seniors because  I have met with leaders, and voters and senators and Congress party.


So what’s your solution?

Your solution is a  thinking for this contract. One of the things that I have been thinking about these past few years is why don’t we have a third party? Let’s just say hypothetically, and I am not saying  It’s me, but why do not we have someone who could get up and speak publicly, who could get in front of people and send the message that I want to do what’s correct for all of us as a country. so what if we had someone like Bill Gates that came along and found a candidate like Michael Kelly.

I am not saying I want to do it. but  I found someone new like that who had a feature who could speak to people honestly and clearly and openly and hear them all and runs as an independent. Then they get to put bills forth and the Republicans and leaders don’t have to vote their party line. I can say, “vote from your heart on this issue.”

We can all agree to the contract,  that AR-15s are bad machines and we don’t need them in this country.  We do not need the bad machines. So just remove that situation  Sure, the NRA is always going to be in someone’s pocket but just what if. I asked Mike Bloomberg at the corresponds Dinner after a party one year,

I said,”Sir, would you run?”

He said,” why?”

I said,” Because I think you’ll make a serious President and I think you would be monetary what a lot of people on the correct want and socially what a lot of people on the left want truthfully  and you could run as a truthfully independent and tug the two sides jointly.”

I was like,”No you can do it.” “I’ll be you, a staffer,”   He said,”I think I’d be the first person to get one vote.”  After so many years of playing stamper, you’ve got on the job training.

Yeah, but right now I’m having so much fun acting and getting into things like”House of cards” and then getting to do something like” The Long Road Home” I’m living the dream, man and I don’t want to give that up for politics yet. Maybe one day.

Overall I enjoy this character which in “House of cards”. Overall, we said, “I experienced a lot of joy and enjoyed my character very well. As you all know this serious is full of political drama. So I learned how to tackle a difficult situation is a real life which I faced a lot.  This person character is good in that show. I learn how to control the difficult situation is a real life. Now I easily solve the difficult problem in my life.


House of cards star Michael Kelly on Kevin Spacey's Exit (Exclusive)


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House of cards star Michael Kelly on Kevin Spacey’s Exit (Exclusive) House of cards star Michael Kelly on Kevin Spacey’s Exit (Exclusive) House of cards star Michael Kelly on Kevin Spacey’s Exit (Exclusive) House of cards star Michael Kelly on Kevin Spacey’s Exit (Exclusive)


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